I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis months after the birth of my second child  and was told that I needed a biopsy in two weeks and would need to go on a very restrictive diet and start thyroid medication. During the two weeks I waited for the biopsy, I started treating my thyroid topically with essential oils, and by the time I went in for the appointment they scanned me again and indicated a biopsy was no longer needed.


For a year after that point, I tried going gluten free, then gluten and dairy free, and finally grain and dairy free but my antibody count just continued to rise. I discovered CBD about two years ago now, and tried isolates vs full spectrum, and both have proven effective at lowering my antibody count and keeping my thyroid production within normal ranges.

I have not been on any dietary restrictions for about a year now, and my thyroid production is still within range, and my antibody count is the lowest it has been since diagnosis. While I still HAVE Hashimoto’s as my antibody count is currently around 90 (normal is >9), it is fully under control and I can live a normal life without dietary restrictions or medications.




Leah Moen

Ethan Groenig

At the age of 16, my life drastically changed due to a severe back injury, disabling me from the active lifestyle I was living. Not a year later, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease that slowly took over my entire body. Chronic pain, extreme fatigue, poor concentration, along with my short and long term memory fading. I have spent the past 4.5 years searching for an answer to my back pain, with each doctor being unable to help me in any way.

After being diagnosed with Lyme, and not being able to do any physical activity for the past year, I had my first anxiety attack, along with becoming severely depressed. I went to numerous Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and a wide variety of other therapists trying to get my anxiety under control. After trying the sixth antidepressant, I gave up entirely on any doctor being able to help me. I began trying a wide variety of natural supplements and ended up landing on CBD oil. Tossing and turning in bed, and trying to go to sleep with a 

chest so tight it felt like it was going to explode was normal for me. The only thing that would put me to sleep was Xanax. The first night I took CBD’s I slept in till 10:30am, which was something I had not done since I was healthy years ago. CBD oil has been the best natural alternative I have found to combat my anxiety and sleep issues that have interfered with my life for far too long.